Wiro Binding

Andrews Infinity has a comprehensive range of large automatic and smaller semi automatic Wiro binders, we also offer off-line equipment which enables us to take on any job, no matter how large or small. In the same day we will be running automated lines on titles that could run into the hundreds of thousands as well as a title that may only be 20 copies.

There are a myriad of different styles of binding using the Wiro process and we can advise on all of them and provide samples and detailed specifications for your project. We are always looking to create exciting and innovative new products for our customers and welcome new design challenges.

Booklets and Mailers

Binding spine-glued booklets

We make a wide range of information and cheque-book style booklets & mailers As well as manufacturing straightforward spine glued information booklets in a wide range of sizes and shapes, with up to 16 pages, we can combine your booklet with a range of other features for direct mailing. For example, your spine-glued booklet can have stop start perforations and remoist glue, so that your design can include tear-off stamps that recipients can then stick into the booklet. Alternatively, we can combine a booklet with a response form, where the folded section can be introduced as part of the stitching process.

  • the printed booklet or mailer is held together by a line of adhesive down its spine
  • after gluing, the booklet is trimmed on three sides so that the finished book is neat and square
  • Andrews Infinity  uses flexible spine glue

Bangtail mailers and one-piece mailers


Bangtail mailers are perfect for encouraging replies to direct mail because they include an envelope and a reply form, all ready to go. One-piece mailers save time and money because you don't need to stuff envelopes - just fold them up and send. All our mailers can be made with a range of folds so that you control how recipients read your message, as well as making it really easy for them to reply.

  • a bangtail mailer is an envelope with an attached perorated "tail" that can be torn off
  • the extension can include marketing information, an order form or some other kind of tear-off reply slip
  • the reply slip can be inserted into the preformed envelope, which can be sealed using remoistenable glue
  • bangtail mailers are also known as "two-in-one letters"
Piggy back labels
Optipost stitched books
CBC Mailers

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