Direct Mail Finishing

Andrews Infinity uses a wide range of trimming, folding, gumming and machinery gluing to  manufacture mailers, leaflets and booklets. We use low tack peelable glue, also we can multiple tab inline, ink jet printing to seal, personalise and address your mailer.

  • CBC Mailers (4pp 6pp and 8pp) Royalmail Accreditation
  • Variable data ink jet printing in black and white
  • Over-printing of addresses, numbering and unique reference codes, barcodes
  • Product Placements one or two, credit cards, sachets, magnets
  • Multiple tabs (2 edges) and flat tab
  • from your data file, we can prepare mailers for mailsort, print and address them, pack them and release them to mail
  • all ink jet processes are in-line, saving time and money
  • we can release the printed items for mailing
  • you don't need to return them to a direct mail house

Bangtail mailers and one-piece mailers

Bangtail mailers are perfect for encouraging replies to direct mail because they include an envelope and a reply form, all ready to go.
One-piece mailers save time and money because you don't need to stuff envelopes - just fold them up and send.
All our mailers can be made with a range of folds so that you control how recipients read your message, as well as making it really easy for them to reply.

What is a bang-tail mailer?

  • a bangtail mailer is an envelope with an attached perorated "tail" that can be torn off
  • the extension can include marketing information, an order form or some other kind of tear-off reply slip
  • the reply slip can be inserted into the preformed envelope, which can be sealed using remoistenable glue
  • bangtail mailers are also known as "two-in-one letters"

What is a one-piece mailer?

  • a one-piece mailer is a single sheet of printed paper that is folded up and glued shut ready for sending
  • it includes the envelope and marketing materials on the single sheet
  • we can handle a range of sizes to take advantage of cheap postage rates
  • we can address and personalise your mailer from your data – and then post it, too